Bazayan I Speciality & Fine Chemicals

Who we are ?

Bazayan & Co is a leading supplier of chemical intermediates and specialty raw materials. Bazayan’s strategic alliance provides a vital link in the custodial supply chain to drive profits for suppliers and manufacturers in Europe, Asia, North America & South America. Bazayan prides itself on innovative business technologies that ensure efficiency and expert strategic solutions that result in sustainability.

Why choose us ?

Bazayan delivers the savings it identifies, and that includes everything needed to achieve and support those saving targets.
Some key pillars to our success include:


+ APIs


+ Production Facilities


+ Excipients

Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing high quality APIs in a cost
and time efficient manner requires a detailed understanding of manufacturing regulations and global supply chains…

Bazayan & Co,  has helped clients reduce purchasing costs by keeping in view supplier quality and performance

Product Partner Search

Over the past few years India has experienced worldly growth in Business alliances. Key factors driving business alliances in India are: Supportive regulatory environment, private equity and financial investors, globalization and regionalisation of local champions in several markets…

Vendor Audit

The need to conduct vendor audits stems from a higher need for quality control in an industry that needs to be more regulated than any other industry in the world. This need for a closer monitoring of a vendor’s qualities and practices stems from an ever-evolving quality control market, and an industry where quality products are a necessity, not a luxury. The primary areas that need to be evaluated in a vendor audit are vendor viability, management responsibility, system accuracy, and data integrity.

  • Our ability to adapt to the constantly changing needs of our customers by expanding our network and keeping our eyes and ears to the ground
  • Our customer centric approach: We believe in converting our clients to partners and friends, as we look to transcend the vendor‐client relationship
  • Our adherence to business ethics and practices. We believe in complete transparency, and strive to provide the same for everyone we work with

Product Categories

Human Healthcare

Final Dosage Formulation

Animal Healthcare


Our Approach

Partnership Oriented Approach

We forge mutually beneficial partnerships that provide full transparency, allowing us to work with our clients as a single organic unit

Global Supplier & Distributor Network

Our ever-growing global network leverages local expertise to fulfil any requirement and facilitate any request

Vertically Integrated Operation

Our integrated operating model provides a complete solution, right from procuring raw materials to product marketing and distribution

Focused on Customers and Quality

We put our customers first, ensuring timely delivery, appropriate documentation, unfaltering quality & affordable pricing

Bazayan & Co.

G 12, Zoom Plaza, L.T Road,
Borivali (West),
Mumbai-91, Maharashtra, India

Phone: +91-22-28607070

Other Registered address

Bazayan GmbH (Switzerland),
Feldbergstrasse 7,
4057 Basel, Switzerland

This website is dedicated to Our customers and B2B partners and prospects. If you would like to find out more about us and to please feel free to contact us

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