Bazayan has come up with new brand “DIY” exclusively for those who believes in “Do It Yourself” pattern rather than buying cosmetics from the market. “DIY” provides you quality cosmetics raw material in smaller packages. We have different kinds of raw materials which are used in cosmetics like Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Lanolin Cosmetics Grade & Beeswax & other waxes. All raw materials are sourced from top notch factories and are carefully packed.
Bazayan has always come up with new innovative ideas and has received appreciation from the customers for those ideas. The idea of DIY is to motivate people to innovate and develop alternates on their own. We understood from our experience that in India, people wish to explore to cosmetics world but they are unable to do because of unavailability of raw material in smaller packages. To fill this gap, we are introducing “DIY” products.
Further, there is always question on the quality of raw material. We ensure that our all Cosmetics ingredients has gone through lab testing and are useful for making cosmetics.
In India, the use of cosmetics is increasing day by day. Our team has studied carefully on consumer behaviours and has provided solution through “DIY” to address the non availability to smaller customers.
To promote an Idea of “Do It Yourself”, Bazayan  has plans to conduct  work shops on basic formulations. In short, the purpose of launching DIY is not only to provide raw materials but also to educate and to provide information on how alternates can be developed.

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