In this intense and commoditized pharmaceutical raw-material environment, companies face never-ending challenges due to fluctuating prices, supply/demand imbalances and ever-changing regulation. The vendor-client model that is based on deal-by-deal agreements fails to provide long-term security, putting the prospects of collaboration in the future in jeopardy, and encouraging each party to act selfishly.

Bazayan & Co has found success in nurturing a partnership oriented approach instead. This approach simply means that we prefer to see our clients as long-term partners whom we would like to grow with. We have a strong believe that the metaphorical pie is big enough for everyone to get a piece, and that the only way to scale new heights is by working together with those you trust – that is the only way to survive unexpected turbulence and truly reach the global stage.

The beauty of our partnership oriented approach is that it creates a network effect, eventually making all our partners part of one big pharmaceutically inclined family. We believe that this network effect allows us to work as a vertically integrated company, being able to leverage our global connections to take on otherwise inaccessible markets.




Existing partnerships effectively form a vertically integrated business. Once you become our partner, you too will have access to a wide array of services, from sourcing all the way to distribution.

We do the ground work and research to ensure all risks and aspects are anticipated in advance.

Network effect provides numerous contacts, thereby giving your firm a global opportunity to connect with trusted and reputed manufacturers/suppliers.

Allowing others to focus on aspects of the business you do not specialize in allows you to ensure your core offering is best-in-class.

You do not have to suffer through tumultuous times on your own, and have some leverage when it comes to weak pricing environment / harsh market conditions.