Supplier Support

Bazayan – fine & specialty chemicals is a leading supplier of chemical intermediates and specialty raw materials. Bazayan’s strategic alliance provides a vital link in the custodial supply chain to drive profits for suppliers and manufacturers in Europe, Asia, North America & South America. Bazayan prides itself on innovative business technologies that ensure efficiency and expert strategic solutions that result in sustainability.

At Bazayan, we understand that Customers and Suppliers play symmetric roles ...

We believe that suppliers are equal partners in creating value. While the concept of listening to customers has become a common place, the same is not true when it comes to suppliers. We’ve all heard people tell their suppliers: You’ve got the specs, You don’t need to know what the product’s for. Just get it to me on time at the lowest price. Imagine talking to customers that way!

We at Bazayan have recognised that working with suppliers is just as valuable as listening to the customer. In simples terms we understand that supplier relation is just as important as customer relation.


Please help us with the below Information to get us started with your supplier verification.


We deeply value conformance to internationally recognised ISO Accreditation programs. If you are looking to be a registered supplier with Bazayan. We kindly request you to initiate the process by emailing us the below details on

  • Certifications ( ISO, WHO – GMP, FDA by Local Government)

  • COI, ROC Registration

  • Bankers